Musings VII

#Friends   I was hurt & sobbing You gave your shoulder to cry. I was high after drinks You cleaned me dry. I was angry & abused you in public Still you defended me. Who are you, Dear? How you are so patient? He clasped me hard in his arms and said “I am your best…

Musings VI

#Empty Many times, I wonder When we have to bid good bye to this beautiful world with empty hands then so much hue & cry over the materialistic things of the world, Just imagine, what would have been the situation, if we had the option to carry our belongings after Death. Give a thought to…

Musings V

#Delectable The desk in the living room was decked up with delectable delicacies dressed by my Dear Mom…drawing me to  savor the delicacies.         #AtoZChallenge Thank You! *Ila* *Thoughts Uncovered *

Musings IV

#Compromise To lead a life loaded with fun & happiness Be ready to square off with the circumstances. To achieve something concrete You need to be savvy in your approach.  Relationships are loosing their sheen because none are ready to compromise with the situation, be it home front or in the outside world. The reason that…

Musings III

#Breach. She severed all her relationships to imbibe relation with him. He abandoned her when she was in family way. Every now & then, we come through the news that the marriages are on rocks and the boy or girl has walked out of wedlock breaching the sacred vows. My Reflections based on my Observations & Experiences….

Musings II

Attitude towards Depression. Dear Depression, Don’t laugh on your victory. It’s short termed. Soon, I will kick you hard & be liberated from your crazy overtures. © Ila Varma 01-04-2017 The cases of Depression is on rise across the globe and in spite of people been educated, still the matter is discussed in hushed tone…

Musings I

  Looking life from close quarters, realized that the energy that we waste in storing precious possessions are all futile. The prized possession that remains with us is happiness spurting within & positivism towards life, gather them in your life dropping grudges & bitterness. Random thought penned. Pic Credits: here    

One Liner Wednesday!!!

    Religion germinated to bring people on common path of spiritualism but people got misled and started using it for communalism. Musings By Ila Varma, March 2017. The scenario of present world, where people are hungry for people’s life and people are killed in the name of hatred and religion. Linked to #1linerWeds.


        Misunderstandings brewed. In surge of emotions The wild minds vowed to part ways Now The mild heart repents Break-up. © Ila Varma 21-03-2017. #WorldPoetryDay #emotions #relationships Image Credits: here

Petunia! #Flowers

Glory of Petunia in my Balcony, combination of Pink & White.   All snaps are the property of Refrain from using without permission. Clicked by Samsung Mobile by Ila Varma, 20-03-2017.

Out of My Comfort Zone!!!

To achieve something good and be versatile, we need to stretch out of our comfort zone. The butterfly stretched herself out of the cocoon to see the beauty around and show her beauty to this world and the same implies to all. You are a versatile singer or writer…people would know you better if you…

A Day in Space with Alien!!!

  #Winner I am thankful to Blogadda and Colgate Magical Stories, who chose me to weave a story with my kids based on the images given inside the box of Colgate Strong Teeth with Cavity Protection Toothpaste. This is the second time that I am weaving stories for the brand Colgate Toothpaste. I love the…