Save Marriage! #OneLinerWednesday

  “Love for him did not let her go Lust for her did not let him go Gradually, Love & Lust United Giving Birth to Faith in Each Other!” Every now and then, I come across news of marriages failing and people moving out of relationship breaking them forever. My experience and view says, Give…

Grandparents Day! #LoveJatao

    My life has been guided by my grandparents and I know the bliss of having them in our life and their presence in our life makes our life wonderful. My husband did not get a chance to see his grandparents and did not knew much about the unconditional love and care of them….

Musings IV

#Compromise To lead a life loaded with fun & happiness Be ready to square off with the circumstances. To achieve something concrete You need to be savvy in your approach.  Relationships are loosing their sheen because none are ready to compromise with the situation, be it home front or in the outside world. The reason that…

Musings I

  Looking life from close quarters, realized that the energy that we waste in storing precious possessions are all futile. The prized possession that remains with us is happiness spurting within & positivism towards life, gather them in your life dropping grudges & bitterness. Random thought penned. Pic Credits: here    

Five Vices!!!

How can one be thankful for the vices? Never heard of it before nor had ever tried, but The Thankful Thursday asked me to jot down the vices for which I am thankful to Almighty. Even the Supreme power will be astonished as what I am upto. I racked my brain and finally closed to…

Three Word Wednesday

  I am planning to winnow the contact list of my mobile as I feel I have blindly added people in friend list. Off & on, I find few indulge in abashing each other in group, spreading negative vibes and I am losing my mental peace for no folly. Musings By Ila Varma Written for the…

I Don’t Know

I was searching for an apt subject on today’s prompt but did not derive at any concrete conclusion. Too many if’s n but’s stood before. You know it’s easy to express ideas on tough subjects but difficult to express the easy expressions. Many times, we feel we know everything and there’s nothing left to learn…It’s…

Wordle – 257

  The sudden spark of bombs Thumb triggering guns Chum stand numb Many succumb Life crumbles in nanoseconds Spilling bloods of shots Few are lucky to crack out Slick & Lock indoors The sudden thrum Leaves survivors estranged Settling fear & irk In their minds Forever. © Ila Varma 19-07-2016 Written for:  The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #257  


  Options are for those, where choices are available there is no existence of options who can’t make choices.

Book Review – Ekla Cholo Re

  The Book, “She Ekla Cholo Re” authored by Dr. Shayan Haq and Santhosh Avvannavar is a very short interesting novel that you can read in one go and it will hardly take half an hour to finish it off. The story spins around the life of Kusum, who does not fits into the conventional…

Global Warming- – #A to Z Challenge 2016

    Oh Man, Stop razing me I am storming in fire Losing my radiance each day My cries hear none My womb is on fire I fear I might lose my promising children.   Water, water water Everywhere Not a drop to drink Waters might engulf me In their tentacles Drowning me deep forever….

Battle – A to Z Challenge 2016

  Life is a battle Everyday, It’s ready to pose New challenges On our way.   Each battle Improves Our mettle To endure The adversities of life.   Life isn’t easy To achieve the game We have to strive hard Without shame.   Life knocks you down At every corner You have to Push and…