Is Bursting Out the Only Solution? #Anger

Since childhood, I despised people who showed anger for no cause and I maintained a good distance from them to save myself from their wrath. I believed that if someone (parents or extended family) really wish to correct me then they better explain me coolly instead of showing resentment & anger which I despised. I…

Musings XVI #Life #Parkinsons

Life is so unpredictable, I never knew. Little joys of life could bring sorrow one day Never ever thought of it so. The day, when I learnt swallowing & chewing mouthfuls of cereals Smiles floated on my father’s face. Now, When he is able to chew & swallow It seems as if he has cleared…

Musings XV #Lessons

#Lessons When I was in School, The lessons seemed tough After walking miles of life Now, I realize It was easier than the challenges of life. There are fixed formula to solve the lessons No formula fits in life You have to stretch beyond limits To catch up with the challenges of life. Pic Credits:…

Musings XIII

Ignoring her urgency, Tilting her face, He bit her earlobe gently. His biting was so seductive, that she forgot her way. © Ila Varma 2017 Linked to #Three Word Wednesday.

One Liner Wednesday!!!

  Literacy becoming bane, trying to wane the world. #Cyberattack #hypocrisy #Ransomeware   Linked to #OneLinerWednesday.

Musings VII

#Friends   I was hurt & sobbing You gave your shoulder to cry. I was high after drinks You cleaned me dry. I was angry & abused you in public Still you defended me. Who are you, Dear? How you are so patient? He clasped me hard in his arms and said “I am your best…

Musings V

#Delectable The desk in the living room was decked up with delectable delicacies dressed by my Dear Mom…drawing me to  savor the delicacies.         #AtoZChallenge Thank You! *Ila* *Thoughts Uncovered *

Musings IV

#Compromise To lead a life loaded with fun & happiness Be ready to square off with the circumstances. To achieve something concrete You need to be savvy in your approach.  Relationships are loosing their sheen because none are ready to compromise with the situation, be it home front or in the outside world. The reason that…

Musings II

Attitude towards Depression. Dear Depression, Don’t laugh on your victory. It’s short termed. Soon, I will kick you hard & be liberated from your crazy overtures. © Ila Varma 01-04-2017 The cases of Depression is on rise across the globe and in spite of people been educated, still the matter is discussed in hushed tone…

One Liner Wednesday!!!

    Religion germinated to bring people on common path of spiritualism but people got misled and started using it for communalism. Musings By Ila Varma, March 2017. The scenario of present world, where people are hungry for people’s life and people are killed in the name of hatred and religion. Linked to #1linerWeds.

Out of My Comfort Zone!!!

To achieve something good and be versatile, we need to stretch out of our comfort zone. The butterfly stretched herself out of the cocoon to see the beauty around and show her beauty to this world and the same implies to all. You are a versatile singer or writer…people would know you better if you…

Irony of Fate

  The hands that held me tight When I stumbled Is now fragile Searching someone to hold him tight Keeping him away from fright. I couldn’t hold my tears To watch Robust of yesteryear’s In fears. This is where The fate breaches faith. © Ila Varma  Mar.2017