Fact of Life

Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. – Joseph Hall   Death is the bare truth of life. Each and every life has to go through the process of it. None can evade it, Death is inevitable. Nobody admires it, rather there is a fear inside of losing oneself, and this…

The Cravings

  In the late evenings In dark corners The bodies pressed laid near on the shore Far away from the noises where we could listen the breathing heart beats of only two. The body yearned For the caresses Warming up the passion Burning deep within Writhed for the fingers To delve within Exploring the unexplored…

कठोर सत्य।।

  सांस थमते, अस्थी और अस्तित्व, पंचतत्व में विलिन, रह गयी सिर्फ, ख्याति तुम्हारी, जिन्हें याद कर लोग होते गमगीन।। © इला वर्मा 29/12/2015


May Your Life Be Illuminated With Lights Of Love. Burn Down The Effigies Of Grudges Of Yesterday In the Fire Of Crackers. Emerging Out Full Of Enthusiasm Happiness and Smiles. © Ila Varma 11/11/2015                                          …


दब गयी  आह मेरी पटाखों के शोर में।   © इला वर्मा  08/11/2015                                                             Source: Google

Thoughts Uncovered- VI

Chasing the Past They Destroyed The Beauty of The Present. © Ila Varma 07/11/2015                                                                                  …

Curios Eyes

 Curios Eyes Stunning Smiles Beauty with Perfections. © Ila Varma 04/11/2015 #IndiSpire101

Love At First Sight

Their Love was at first sight He adored her She admired him Promises Taken Rings Exchanged Date Fixed She didn’t turn up.   He stood waiting for her Days Passed No Trace of Her Their Dreams Shattered She left the world in Silence Storming the heart of her Admirer. Fate played a cruel game Separating…

I keep on trying

I keep on trying to mend the ways & The reverse force tries hard To bog me down In a bid To test my patience. © Ila Varma 23/10/2015

Silence Speaks

In Deafening Silence My Ears Fell On The Sounds Surrounding Me  In Solitude Tick -Tock Of Wall Clocks Hanging In My Living Room Tick-Tick -Tick Of Lizard Clinging To The Roof Creak Creak Creak Of The Wooden Doors Adoring The Ways Of My Home. The Sounds Were Not New I Was So Packed In My…

Thoughts Uncovered II

All stands unfazed Till she is silent No-one  cares Of the music She is sweeping in. © Ila Varma 2015                                                                   

Thoughts Uncovered – I

Array of thoughts gathers around me confusing me to the core which one to pick; which one to drop. I yearn to keep all  the precious pearls of our encounters Together strewn they make beautiful memoirs Of Our Love.  © Ila Varma 2015