One Liner Wednesday!!!

  We had elaborate plans for Christmas this year but his filthy behavior dappled our spirits.   Linked with #1linerWeds & TWW 512

One Liner Wednesday!!!

    The quintessential that she followed was prickly for other members of the family but they sealed their lips watching her rabid attitude towards it. By Ila Varma, Dec.2016 Linked to Three Word Wednesday & #1linerWeds  

One Liner #Daughter’s Voice

  “Dear Daughter, I gave you liberty to stand n express yourself but you stood against me & barred me from expression, Is this fair, my Daughter?” #Distressed Parent’s Thought. It’s true from time immemorial, daughters of this land were suppressed or are been suppressed and many voices were raised to give freedom and rights…

Wednesday One Liner

  Too much of awareness & curiosity of public is crumbling the prevailing System; Let the people responsible do their work honestly to stabilize peace. This post is regarding the hue & cry for providing proof  for surgical operations carried out by Indian Army on 29th Sep.2016. Musings of an Empty Mind By Ila Varma Oct….

What a Tragedy?

  When we own something, we don’t value and when we don’t have, we yearn for it, Ohh…What a tragedy. Musings of Empty Mind By Ila Varma 22.09.2016 Written for the post of Linda G, #1linerWed

Precious Wednesday

  He hushed up to be at his side, when stood beside, he brushed aside…his ways leaves me completely confused…Musings of An Empty Mind By Ila Varma 2016.   #1linerWeds

One Liner #Wednesday

Looks are deceptive, they don’t figure out the originality every time, so be careful in your purchases, quality matters more than the appearance. Musings of Ila Varma Sep.2016   #1linerWeds

Musings – Wednesday Spark

Wove millions dreams around, Happiness was in the air, Forgot to notice that it was short lived and it left me ajar…© Ila Varma 31-08-2016 Written for the post : #1linerWeds.

One Liner Wednesday- Paternity Leave

The New Pops burp their infants after each feed, change nappies without smirking and cuddle in the midst of night without second thought, hence paternity leave shouldn’t be denied….Musings of Ila Varma,2016. Hue and Cry over #Paternity Leave in India…discussion roll over…some are in favor and some against…There was a time when Men did not…

One Liner- Outlook

“Perspective changed with time and so did the outlook to weigh the relationships, new theories appended and the people with old outlook knocked down”….Musings of Ila Varma 2016.  #1linerWeds


    “Water, Water Everywhere and We are buying Drinking Water in Bottles, Use Thriftily Not Frugally, Save Water!”   If we turn around and introspect the surroundings around us, we find roads and fields submerged in water, taps leaking, water pipes gushing out water with full force, drain pipes spurting water but the drinking…