Shades of Fall! #Seattle

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Musings VIII

#Gratitude We need to be thankful for what we have, but do we do or feel so…very few. Many take it as their own creation and don’t fathom to give the credit to others. It’s true the creativity that one creates is his own power but what about the powers that we are enjoying for…

Spring Dawns #Limerick

  Winters bids goodbye Spring tweets in with Hi Bright & beautiful flowers blossom in Sun peeps in from the cloud & grin Rainbow clinging  in the sky. © Ila Varma  Mar.2017 Pic Credits: here

Nature’s Ecstasy!!!

Just can’t imagine life without the gift of nature. This whole universe is been regulated by nature. There are innumerable precious pearls of nature on which the life on earth is existent. The day starts with the dawn and the view of sunrise emerging from the horizon is impeccable and the sight is  tranquilizing,leaving us…

The Butterflies!!!

Under the blue sky Race was held Of butterflies The butterflies were tasked to Grab the juice Of red flowers around. Time was locked To complete the task assigned. Vowing to win Burning their bums Took the blessings of bright Sun Not to lose & stump. Finishing the task They had to take seat On…

Crazy Cats #Photography

Cat is ready to catch prey in morning hours, Shot @Chikmagalur, Karnataka Searching silently. Still didn’t find any…Ohh. Ok, traced it and gets active to paw on it. All shot at Chikmagalur, Karnataka. All are property of Ila Varma. All rights reserved to Linked to #DAILYCHATTER #UBC DAY SEVENTEEN #Blogboost #UBC #DailyChatter @blogchatter  #AlexaRank  

Serene Skies #Moods of Nature

  The view captured at Chikmagalur, Karnataka. View captured on way to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Sky view on way to Bellur, Karnataka All photographs are the property of © Ila Varma 2016 Linked to Skywatch. & #DAILYCHATTER #UBC DAY SIXTEEN #Blogboost #UBC #DailyChatter @blogchatter  #AlexaRank

Razzle, Dazzle, Sparkle!

  In the winters When the sun stood bright We two ferried in the park To swing & sway In the open fields Which dazzled With pretty flowers & sparkled green.   It was amazing To meander on the lane The groves standing by Leaning towards each other Ready to hug one another.   The…

Seeds of Joy!!! #Haiban

“We have one precious life: do something extraordinary today, even if it’s tiny. A pebble starts the avalanche.” ― K.A. Laity Start attending to things that appears minuscule, these small activities will raise your bar and one day, you will find that you have done a great work. The little acts that adds joys in…

Autumn Fall

  Green leaves, trees glory, Descends on earth, to welcome Fall, Trees stand shy & naked, awaiting new. © Ila Varma 24-09-2016 Written for the Post: Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Equinox, Equator  Image Credits: here

One Liner Wednesday -#Nature

  Wish, I could enjoy the caresses of the soft breeze on a full moon day, lying close in the warm embrace of my beloved…a moment of ecstasy.   #1linerWeds.