Musings XIII

Ignoring her urgency, Tilting her face, He bit her earlobe gently. His biting was so seductive, that she forgot her way. © Ila Varma 2017 Linked to #Three Word Wednesday. Advertisements

Spring #Homonyms #Spring

  As spring dawned, greenery flooded around Thoughts of yesteryears sprang & crowned Our first meeting was in this green town You instantly proposed & left me in frown Love sprang up for you & I was downed.   © Ila Varma Oct.2016 Meaning of Spring: 1. Season 2.Rose up or Arise. Linked to Limerick…

Autumn Fall

  Green leaves, trees glory, Descends on earth, to welcome Fall, Trees stand shy & naked, awaiting new. © Ila Varma 24-09-2016 Written for the Post: Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Equinox, Equator  Image Credits: here


  Let me flow in my rhythm I detest to be stopped Ample pursuits are in stride Ambushing  to be achieved In this short span of life. © Ila Varma 14-09-2016 Image Credits: here

#Friendship Battered-One Liner

  We met after ages, lunged to embrace him, his bullets pierced me and  I could gaze a sly smile on his face. © Ila Varma 19-07-2016 Written for One Liner Wednesday

Limericks Week 24

Once upon a time, fell in love with a mime Got crazy and wasted a lot of dime In a short time, I realized the boy Was dumb and coy Moved further from committing a crime… 😛 © Ila Varma 13-06-2016 MINDANDLIFEMATTERS    

One Liner Wednesday – Smiles

    Your smiles made my day but I was late in deciphering your motive behind those sweet curves…© Ila Varma 08-06-2016   #1linerWeds.


  In a bid to enhance her creativity She ambled on the wrong path Spoiling her originality. .© Ila Varma 06-06-2016  

Thoughts Uncovered – 2016

Wished to share tonnes but the blank expressions on their faces Stopped me from venting!….© Ila Varma 24-05-2016

Limerick Challenge – Mysterious

  Smiles languishing on her lips She is swaying her hips Her eyes mysterious and protruding Beamed she was computing She winked, pouted and strips. © Ila Varma 05-04-2016 Limerick Challenge Week 14  


    She tried hard to conceal the hurt but her eyes could not conceal, It flowed smudging the kohl… © Ila Varma 02-04-2016 Post for Daily Post Prompt


  The inner voices screamed To mend his ways He had gone astray. © Ila Varma 01-04-2016 Daily Post Prompt