Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

When I was a small girl, life seemed easy and I envied the lifestyle of my father, who used to be on regular tours as he was in marketing division. 35 years back, travelling by flight and staying at five star hotels was a luxury and I thought how lucky he was. I often used…

Grandparents Day! #LoveJatao

    My life has been guided by my grandparents and I know the bliss of having them in our life and their presence in our life makes our life wonderful. My husband did not get a chance to see his grandparents and did not knew much about the unconditional love and care of them….

My Bestie #BFF

Man is a social animal and when a person outgrows their parents lap, they need someone, with whom they can play, share, fight & confide their secrets…the tit-bits of life…and there arises a need of a friend. A friend is someone with whom you don’t need to pretend, you open up with nothing to hide,…

“I always wanted to…”

Wants n desires never comes to an end and this crave pushes us further in life. Imagine a life without desire…it isn’t possible. An ambition to do something fruitful pulls out from the cocoon and the man starts searching to fulfil the aim. Every child faces this question, “What you want to become?” and this…

Rain -You Bring Memories Back

  Rains brings loud memories back Which are buried in the stack Deliberately drenching in the rains Was our popular childhood games On charged had flimsy excuses in our sack. © Ila Varma 12-07-2016 Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 28 – Rain

Weird with weirdness

The childish acts Made me look weird But I was deriving joy With the toddlers near. When They stroke a blow high Figuring a sixer I jumped higher Catching the ball In my hold Declaring them a bold.   They swarmed around me Buzzing Accusing me Of cheating them When They couldn’t make a score….

Sweetest Memories #HDFCLife

    “A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.” The campaign of #HDFCLife #MemoriesForLife took me into the trance and my soul softly tread on into the twinklings of the past, the memories are fresh and intact and it gives me a reason to smile and the …


  बंद पृष्ठों को, हवा न दो, संभाल न पाऊँगा, खुद को। कमबक्त, अवशेष में, उफान है बाकी, बङी मुश्किल से, रोका है इन, उमङते सैलाबों को।। © इला वर्मा 24/11/2015    


भीङ में हम तन्हा इससे तो अच्छा दोस्ती कर लेते हम तन्हाई से तन्हा तो न रह जाते। © इला वर्मा 11/11/2015                                  Image Source: Google

Priorities Change With Time

Sometimes, I am confused At the complexity Of relationships. How People change With time Those who were Close to our heart Travel far & wide Leaving us alone. Existing Relationships Are lost Non-existent Rules the mind. Once, It seemed Tough to sustain The pain of been estranged But, The days of pain Made us strong…

Silence Speaks

In Deafening Silence My Ears Fell On The Sounds Surrounding Me  In Solitude Tick -Tock Of Wall Clocks Hanging In My Living Room Tick-Tick -Tick Of Lizard Clinging To The Roof Creak Creak Creak Of The Wooden Doors Adoring The Ways Of My Home. The Sounds Were Not New I Was So Packed In My…

Thoughts Uncovered II

All stands unfazed Till she is silent No-one  cares Of the music She is sweeping in. © Ila Varma 2015