Dark, Dark, Dark!!!

  Dark Two souls in love since long Crammed to dwell in love song Ambushing for the night to fall To take their desire’s call Love birds were anxious to wrong. © Ila Varma 15-09-2016   The night fell and got dark Friends asked to join the lark Weather grew stormy and thundered She was frightened &…

Limerick #Peace

  Peace and war are very far Yet they entwine at par At one pace there can’t be both Leave war adopt peace take oath To make the world serene and humanity roar. © Ila Varma 29-07-2016 #PoetsForPeace Published in Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to present “Peace Poem, 2016″ Written for MINDANDLIFEMATTERS

Rain -You Bring Memories Back

  Rains brings loud memories back Which are buried in the stack Deliberately drenching in the rains Was our popular childhood games On charged had flimsy excuses in our sack. © Ila Varma 12-07-2016 Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 28 – Rain

#Summer – Limerick Challenge

Summer has knocked the doors We have huddled on the floors Hours off from work & study Family – friends time to make merry Gathered for a party at the shores. © Ila Varma 30-06-2016 Mind and Life Matters

Limericks Week 24

Once upon a time, fell in love with a mime Got crazy and wasted a lot of dime In a short time, I realized the boy Was dumb and coy Moved further from committing a crime… 😛 © Ila Varma 13-06-2016 MINDANDLIFEMATTERS    

Limerick Challenge Week 20: Superstition

    The mirror standing in my room crashed Superstition loomed large, my mother cashed I had to go on a date My beautiful friend was on wait Had to convince my mom fast. © Ila Varma 17-05-2016

#Mother- Beautiful Soul

Your concern dreaded me with fear How I will cope with your undue worries and rear The day, I was blessed with a bundle of joy Could realize your sacrifices and abound coy My heart was filled up with reverence Mother dear. © Ila Varma 07-05-2016 Limerick Challenge 19

Limerick #Dark

  The dark clouds are ready to burst To quench the parched earth’s thirst I love the pitter patter of incessant raindrops To inhale the musky aroma of earth that crops Each spurts will write a verse. © Ila Varma 12-04-2016 Limerick Challenge Week 15

Limerick Challenge – Mysterious

  Smiles languishing on her lips She is swaying her hips Her eyes mysterious and protruding Beamed she was computing She winked, pouted and strips. © Ila Varma 05-04-2016 Limerick Challenge Week 14  

Limericks Challenge-Hope

  My take on Hope Her dreams were sealed in her eyes She wanted to move away without any ties With a hope to be a model on a silver screen Holding the attention of the audience on her sheen In desperation, she could not hear her mother’s cries. © Ila Varma 26-03-2016. Written for…

Impressions #Dream Limerick

  My first try for pouring my feelings through #Limerick Challenge. The prompt word for this week’s challenge is ‘Dream’.   She was not able to get over his impressions, His spoken words reverberates near with expressions Wild thoughts are butchering her In fantasies challenging her Now, She wish to break free from his manifestations….