The Butterflies!!!

Under the blue sky Race was held Of butterflies The butterflies were tasked to Grab the juice Of red flowers around. Time was locked To complete the task assigned. Vowing to win Burning their bums Took the blessings of bright Sun Not to lose & stump. Finishing the task They had to take seat On…

Dear, 16 Year Old Me!!!

  Hey, now I am 28 years old, unbelievable. Am going to be a life thriving on this planet for three decades, O my goodness, time passed so quickly… Today I was asked to write a letter to my 16-year-old self. In beginning, it appeared easy but in reality when I sat with my keyboard…it…

Parenting Needs Reformation!

I am not sure if my views will be welcomed or not by the parents of today. I have decided to keep up my views in front of parents of today n make them realize their follies while parenting the kids, I am using the kids bcoz the present generation is in so hurry or…

Outlook @Sweet Sixteen

  I felt awkward at the thought that how could I marry a person who is totally unknown to me. I found it quite weird at the thought of living with an unknown man in a room, sharing bed, toilet and toiletries & sharing physical relationship. Oh…Gosh the mere thought fluttered my mind and I…

Dark, Dark, Dark!!!

  Dark Two souls in love since long Crammed to dwell in love song Ambushing for the night to fall To take their desire’s call Love birds were anxious to wrong. © Ila Varma 15-09-2016   The night fell and got dark Friends asked to join the lark Weather grew stormy and thundered She was frightened &…

Precious Wednesday

  He hushed up to be at his side, when stood beside, he brushed aside…his ways leaves me completely confused…Musings of An Empty Mind By Ila Varma 2016.   #1linerWeds


  Let me flow in my rhythm I detest to be stopped Ample pursuits are in stride Ambushing  to be achieved In this short span of life. © Ila Varma 14-09-2016 Image Credits: here

Tiny Shoes

  Generally people don’t start the preparations of the things that would be required for the awaited child…but I am bit different and don’t believe in these weird norms…been a rebel. My thought says, “Believe in positive & good things and you will be blessed with the best ones.” I was married at an early…

Vogue – Wednesday Freak

While tripping on different sites, I came across Mismatched Costumes in vogue. I am not much interested in trending fashion, still the subject caught my attention and I was amazed to find that Yes Mismatched is in vogue….I sighed & brooded over. What actually is Vogue, it can be anything different n unique from the…

#If I Met A Ghost

  If I met a Ghost-  I will ask how life is at Mars, fed up with terrors on Earth. A quirky wacky line crossed my mind n I found LindaGHill One liner Wednesday appropriate to share.

Crazy Me

  “Ohh…I am afraid of breaking rules.” He said, embracing me tight. “Ahh…I believe in breaking them.” I said, sealing his lips with mine. We giggled. Our giggles echoed in the eerie silence of midnight.

Limericks Week 24

Once upon a time, fell in love with a mime Got crazy and wasted a lot of dime In a short time, I realized the boy Was dumb and coy Moved further from committing a crime… 😛 © Ila Varma 13-06-2016 MINDANDLIFEMATTERS