Musings XVII

Don’t be a miser with words Converse wiser Being frugal with words. The fire billowing inside Of intense love & care Can’t be acknowledged If you curb the emotions Caging inside you. Leave the tempestuous emotions free You will be allayed of the turbulence And your beau will be blessed To discover you In new…

Musings XV #Lessons

#Lessons When I was in School, The lessons seemed tough After walking miles of life Now, I realize It was easier than the challenges of life. There are fixed formula to solve the lessons No formula fits in life You have to stretch beyond limits To catch up with the challenges of life. Pic Credits:…

Musings XIV #Fiction

Fiction in Five Sentences. She was waiting for the right moment to flinch out of relationship. He invited her to a restaurant for a dinner. After dinner, he bent on his knees and proposed hastily. She turned down and walked away swiftly. He stood gaped. Linked to #ThreeWordWednesday.

Limerick #Random

  Me & You at Bay, Making merry & Hay, Playing & Running Semi-nude around, Making sand dunes & mounds, Partying with Breezer whole Day. Copyright Ila Varma, Feb. 2017

Tiny Conversation!!!

Mr. X said, “Why people celebrate advent of New Year with so much of enthusiasm, when he knows that he is losing a year of his life, it’s been reduced?”  Mr. Y replied, “People celebrate with gaiety feeling that he is alive to watch the entry of New Year in our life & they are alive…

One Liner Wednesday #Money

  Wallet is stashed with notes of 500 & 1000, but can’t buy a bread for the family, What an irony? Musings of An Empty Mind By Ila Varma, 2016. After the paper money of 500 & 1000 banned for spending further, the whole chunk is feeling dizzy, they have the money in the wallet…

Trump Triumphs #Haiku

Gamy Trump Triumph Halting the Expectations Far-fetched Dream Encash. Random Thoughts of Ila Varma Linked to Three Word Wednesday 505

Tuesday Prompt: Ultimate

  Modi bans 500-1000 currency in India after midnight, his ultimate motive behind this ultimate step is to curb terrorism & put an end to circulation of black money, PM, you are ultimate. Linked to #tuesdayuseitinasentence.

My Weakness!!!

The Friday Reflections ask me to elaborate about My Weakness…Oh…it’s difficult to spot own weakness. Just for a try, ask someone to spot weakness of someone known or unknown, they will count on it in seconds n reverse the game, they will stop n brood and fight within hundred times before spelling out their own…

Conversation #Quadrille #19

  When they met Sparks flew blowing the trumpet of admiration. They peeped into each other’s eyes their heart fluttered sparking love for each other. Again they met and confessed their love for each other. In celebration they decorated and ignited colorful sparklers & candles. © Ila Varma 2016 Linked to dVerse Quadrille#19 & #DAILYCHATTER #UBC DAY TWENTY EIGHT…

Innocent Boy!!!

  Whenever I see this picture, mixed feeling arises within and I’m reminded of my younger son, Tuktuk, who cried at the time of every haircut till the age of two and a half and no amount of cajoling could stop him from crying, even the glimpse of this child is very close to my…

Diwali #Celebrations

  Goddess Lakshmi is coming on Diwali To celebrate  festival of lights this Diwali Lets join hands to go green Noiseless, cleanliness & sparkling  sheen Little efforts of all can bring great change this Diwali.   Pic courtesy : here Linked to #DAILYCHATTER #UBC DAY TWENTY THREE