Shades of Fall! #Seattle

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Petunia! #Flowers

Glory of Petunia in my Balcony, combination of Pink & White.   All snaps are the property of Refrain from using without permission. Clicked by Samsung Mobile by Ila Varma, 20-03-2017.

The Butterflies!!!

Under the blue sky Race was held Of butterflies The butterflies were tasked to Grab the juice Of red flowers around. Time was locked To complete the task assigned. Vowing to win Burning their bums Took the blessings of bright Sun Not to lose & stump. Finishing the task They had to take seat On…

Crazy Cats #Photography

Cat is ready to catch prey in morning hours, Shot @Chikmagalur, Karnataka Searching silently. Still didn’t find any…Ohh. Ok, traced it and gets active to paw on it. All shot at Chikmagalur, Karnataka. All are property of Ila Varma. All rights reserved to Linked to #DAILYCHATTER #UBC DAY SEVENTEEN #Blogboost #UBC #DailyChatter @blogchatter  #AlexaRank  

Razzle, Dazzle, Sparkle!

  In the winters When the sun stood bright We two ferried in the park To swing & sway In the open fields Which dazzled With pretty flowers & sparkled green.   It was amazing To meander on the lane The groves standing by Leaning towards each other Ready to hug one another.   The…

Seeds of Joy!!! #Haiban

“We have one precious life: do something extraordinary today, even if it’s tiny. A pebble starts the avalanche.” ― K.A. Laity Start attending to things that appears minuscule, these small activities will raise your bar and one day, you will find that you have done a great work. The little acts that adds joys in…

Clicks #Skywatch

  I love to capture the greenery with a backdrop of clouds and sky. This view captured from my Canon camera on way to Mysore road, Bangalore, Karnataka. All Rights Reserved of Ila Varma, August 2016.   This view is captured by me while crossing the Sea Link Mumbai, Bright & Clear Sky, wide expanse…

Haibun Monday – Twinkle, twinkle!

The ignorance made it more wonderful and the innocent gazed at the sky for hours until the sleep arrived and then I was carried inside the house.

One Liner #Wednesday

Looks are deceptive, they don’t figure out the originality every time, so be careful in your purchases, quality matters more than the appearance. Musings of Ila Varma Sep.2016   #1linerWeds

One Liner Wednesday – Fate

  Flowers know they will perish soon, Still, it blooms in full glory emitting its aroma around.   #1linerWeds: One-Liner Wednesday – Don’t blink

Sweetest Memories #HDFCLife

    “A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.” The campaign of #HDFCLife #MemoriesForLife took me into the trance and my soul softly tread on into the twinklings of the past, the memories are fresh and intact and it gives me a reason to smile and the …