Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

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When I was a small girl, life seemed easy and I envied the lifestyle of my father, who used to be on regular tours as he was in marketing division. 35 years back, travelling by flight and staying at five star hotels was a luxury and I thought how lucky he was. I often used to tell him with awe that he was leading a glorious life. He never commented, just smiled and I was naive so couldn’t understand the motive behind his smiles.

As I entered in my late teens, I told him that he is leading a luxurious life and nothing more he needs. That day, he broke his silence. I think he was waiting for this day to break the ice.

“How can I be lucky dear? Flying in planes and staying at 5 star hotels is not comforting. I go on my official tour. The company spends on me to get the business and revenue and while flying, I don’t look out at the sky or the height at which I am flying. Whole time, I am busy jotting down minutes of my meeting plans and how to procure business in a right way. As soon as I get off the plane, taxi waits to pick me up and deport me to office where my customers are waiting with a long list of expectations and grievances and I need to sort it out coolly. It is so hectic that I am not able to gulp my breakfast or tea. At late nights, I am in cosy suite of 5 star hotel but the mental load is so piercing that I am not able to enjoy my time and I am in a hurry to complete my pending paper work. After twelve hours, when  I remove my shoes, I find my feet have swollen and there is excruciating pain which do not let me sleep and I keep changing sides. On festivals, I too has to be on tour and I miss you all. I am more comfortable at home.  The side of my life which you find alluring is actually a facet that I am compromising with for the sake of my job. Dear, you will understand when you will be in my shoes later in life” and his eyes turned moist while making me understand.

When I joined my job then I realized that all that glitters is not gold and the comforts that the organization provides is for the sake of business…and understood life better walking miles in his shoes…while working in the arena of Sales &  Marketing in a reputed financial firm.

Life is a Best Teacher and it teaches us perfectly.


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  1. Parul Thakur says:

    That is so true. I was in US for two weeks for a work visit and I felt it’s so hard being alone in a new country and working. We think every thing is hunky dory but it isn’t. We never know the other side until we go that side.

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  2. Grass always looks greener on the other side till you actually go to the other side. Great post!

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  3. Nisha Sharma says:

    True indeed.. We never understand our parent’s efforts until we face the same after years! Eye opener post!
    Best wishes 🙂

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  4. Sara says:

    Travel looks enticing to only those who rarely travel!Great message here Ila!

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    1. Ila Varma says:

      True Sara…thanks for stopping by.


  5. Ravi Sidula says:

    Beautiful thoughts Mam. The truth of life

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