Musings IV


To lead a life loaded with fun & happiness

Be ready to square off with the circumstances.

To achieve something concrete

You need to be savvy in your approach. 

Relationships are loosing their sheen because none are ready to compromise with the situation, be it home front or in the outside world.

The reason that I have concluded is that people take the word Compromise in a negative way ignoring the positive aspects.

If you love the company of your relations & friends, you will square off easily with head held high.

It’s my take…Share in your views.


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Thank You!


*Thoughts Uncovered *


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  1. Compromise is life.But not for wrongs.People who want you to agree to wrongs dont really appreciate you. Life gives all of us choices

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  2. In every aspect of life there’s compromise. Relationship, work, play everything.

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  3. inquisitivegeet says:

    Something that I have been meaning to write from a long time! Compromise is a heavy word and it makes look marriage such a less desirable thing! While on the bright side, it isn’t!
    Loved your take!



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