Musings I

  Looking life from close quarters, realized that the energy that we waste in storing precious possessions are all futile. The prized possession that remains with us is happiness spurting within & positivism towards life, gather them in your life dropping grudges & bitterness. Random thought penned. Pic Credits: here     Advertisements

One Liner Wednesday!!!

    Religion germinated to bring people on common path of spiritualism but people got misled and started using it for communalism. Musings By Ila Varma, March 2017. The scenario of present world, where people are hungry for people’s life and people are killed in the name of hatred and religion. Linked to #1linerWeds.


        Misunderstandings brewed. In surge of emotions The wild minds vowed to part ways Now The mild heart repents Break-up. © Ila Varma 21-03-2017. #WorldPoetryDay #emotions #relationships Image Credits: here

Petunia! #Flowers

Glory of Petunia in my Balcony, combination of Pink & White.   All snaps are the property of Refrain from using without permission. Clicked by Samsung Mobile by Ila Varma, 20-03-2017.

Out of My Comfort Zone!!!

To achieve something good and be versatile, we need to stretch out of our comfort zone. The butterfly stretched herself out of the cocoon to see the beauty around and show her beauty to this world and the same implies to all. You are a versatile singer or writer…people would know you better if you…

A Day in Space with Alien!!!

  #Winner I am thankful to Blogadda and Colgate Magical Stories, who chose me to weave a story with my kids based on the images given inside the box of Colgate Strong Teeth with Cavity Protection Toothpaste. This is the second time that I am weaving stories for the brand Colgate Toothpaste. I love the…

Irony of Fate

  The hands that held me tight When I stumbled Is now fragile Searching someone to hold him tight Keeping him away from fright. I couldn’t hold my tears To watch Robust of yesteryear’s In fears. This is where The fate breaches faith. © Ila Varma  Mar.2017  

Review- Open-Eyed Meditations!!!

  Format: Paperback Title: OPEN-EYED MEDITATIONS   Author: Shubha Vilas  Genre: Self-Help  Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing Release Date: August 1st 2016  Pages: 280  Price: 250  Source: Blogadda. ISBN: 978 81 75 99 390 7 My Rating: 4.5/5   I feel lucky to be chosen by Blogadda Book Review programme to review this book and the cover of…

Spring Dawns #Limerick

  Winters bids goodbye Spring tweets in with Hi Bright & beautiful flowers blossom in Sun peeps in from the cloud & grin Rainbow clinging  in the sky. © Ila Varma  Mar.2017 Pic Credits: here

Limerick #Random

  Me & You at Bay, Making merry & Hay, Playing & Running Semi-nude around, Making sand dunes & mounds, Partying with Breezer whole Day. Copyright Ila Varma, Feb. 2017