Nature’s Ecstasy!!!

Just can’t imagine life without the gift of nature. This whole universe is been regulated by nature. There are innumerable precious pearls of nature on which the life on earth is existent.


The day starts with the dawn and the view of sunrise emerging from the horizon is impeccable and the sight is  tranquilizing,leaving us speechless.

The soft breeze that caresses us at dawn has no comparison with high tech air-conditioners.



The delicate & beautiful dew drops coated on the leaves & flowers and its balancing act is astounding and walking bare-feet on the carpet of grass laden with dew drops is very refreshing especially in Summers.

The sunrise is the advent of a day after a peaceful night and it energizes all lives on earth.

The days I am free from assignments, I love to sit in my garden with my mugga of tea and gleefully watch the bliss of nature of which we are a fragment of life.


The sprawl of greenery around symbolizes life and it exhales oxygen and we inhale oxygen…so wonderful sync with nature.

The carbon dioxide that we exhale is inhaled by the plants in day hours…how balanced is the creativity of Supreme Power, genius mind.


The plants, vegetation and colorful flowers add beauty to earth as well as to our lives. How sad or volatile, you may feel, surround yourself with nature, you will feel rejuvenated & refreshed.

Many times, I wonder how nature has defined trees and plants according to the climate of the place and weather.

In areas where there is snowfall, the trees shed their leaves before fall or there are such types of trees which can withstand utmost cold.

The tropical areas plants are different.

I find the different streaks of nature quite amazing, been designed as per the soil & climate of a place.


Same is the case with wildlife, fauna and birds…the creativity is supreme by the unseen Supreme power and they are interdependent for survival.

In winter season, I find various colors of birds flying in the garden, colorful birds are so endearing to watch and their tweets so lovely and pleasant to ears.


The flocks of birds that soar high in the sky and the way they dive and plunge aspires our spirit to soar heights in our life.



Honey is extracted from the honeybee who works immensely to produce pure honey and it has therapeutic value too.

Nature has given us therapeutic herbs and these herbs are widely used in Ayurveda science to procure various medicines & healing oils.

The herbal creams too are quite nourishing and they take care of our skin and hair.



It is the nature that controls the formation of Day & night at fixed intervals. These intervals too changes with the seasons. Just as Sunrise invokes life; Sunset recalls all life on the earth to recoil in their nests.

At night, the beauty of sky cannot be explained in words, the waning of moon, star studded sky which creates different shapes, few shapes are very exquisite & prominent.

Life is controlled by nature and if man goes against nature, nature fury takes its toll which is beyond the control of man.

We should try to protect and preserve Nature which is enriched and spiced up with natural things and far better than the synthetic world that Man is busy in creating.

Nothing can be parallel to Nature.

Linking up with #Thankful Thursday with Amrita &  Tina



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  1. Tina Basu says:

    There’s so much that nature offers and we humans tend to forget all that. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes we should try to protect and preserve nature.Otherwise we ourselves may become endangered.Its such a pleasure to read your posts.Glad you are writing with us to spread thankfulness on #Thankful Thursdays

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Same here Amrita. Glad to be associated with you.


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