English Hinglish- Text Speak

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With the entry of mobile in our life, the English language met with an accident and the slang English came into vogue and further, English died a natural death with the usage of abbreviated letters for words.

In the beginning, when I wasn’t addicted to mobile rather I deliberately did not show any interest in it, I used to scorn at people who forwarded Sms.I habituated in poking my nose in everything and giving free advices at the juncture where I am not asked to deliver, but I do my job earnestly out of habit. It’s hard to get out of it though I am trying my best  to leave before my daughter-in-law arrives in…I believe you can understand my point as poking MIL is not accepted. Things are different now, in our times peppy DIL was accepted, now it is the vice-versa…it was said in lighter vein…make it a…

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