Uff, Yeh Mummyian!!

Recently, I visited one of my acquaintance. Actually, I was invited to attend the birthday celebration of my acquaintance,( don’t call a friend, because she is not too close to be a friend.)

We all took our place in the living room and all were in elated mood enjoying the exchange of chit chats.

Aadat anushaar, my eyes fell on her son.Mummy busy with friends and beta busy with mobile.

I inquired as to what he was busy with. His Mom said that he is playing online games.

I don’t encourage kids to play online games nor encourage them to use internet without parental guidance.

I told her that it is not fair for a 5 year old to be hooked on mobiles.

My acquaintance proudly said that he is efficient to play games for a stretch of four hours and more.

I have habit of giving free advice, “itna paisa kyun barbaad kar rahi ho, uselessly.”

“Ila di, paisa kahan lag raha. JIO ka free package hai, using it jab tak free hai”

“Uske baad?” I asked.

“Spending money for online games, Na Baba. Mobile will be locked in almirah.” She said in tashaan.

“What about his habit?” I don’t believe in losing my bet.

“Sab theek ho jayega.” She replied with overconfidence.

I chose to keep quiet but my mind was racing.

Was she been fair to her child? The child is innocent and they pick the habits as you mould. He is just 5 years, he can’t weigh the pros n cons nor he knows about  free n paid package. Once you are letting him to develop the habit n afterwards the privilege will be snatched.

Isn’t he been cheated by his role models?

How can one think of kids been disciplined?

We point to kids if they misbehave and act stubborn, there are valid reason to his misbehavior.

In his initial years, if he stumbles the parents are directly responsible for it.

I kept quiet and moved after having my share in party.

My mind was confused and I felt pity for the child and felt scared what would follow the day JIO withdraws it’s free service.

Is the behavior of a parent justified and many queries clouded my mind.

I could only say, Uff, Yeh Mummyian.

Disclaimer: It’s my personal observation n I felt need to share with the parents to think of it to justify the child’s rights n behavior. No intention of offending anyone.


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  1. psharmarao says:

    children don’t often, remember what we instruct them but they observe what we do, rules relaxed once creates a amoral confusion for them, makes them throw tantrums, be aggressive sometimes passive aggressive and bullies.


  2. Beat About The Book says:

    I think that mom took a very short term view of the situation. She would certainly have had a hard time when the free facility was withdrawn and the child would have wanted to play again. Good parenting is a lot about consistency.

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  3. Ila Varma says:

    true. Thanks for stopping by n the like.


  4. vinodinii says:

    Most parents face this dilemma these days. We can’t deprive children of their tools of entertainment completely. But balance and moderation is what one needs to instill in the child.


    1. Ila Varma says:

      It’s not about depriving or denying, it’s about keeping them in discipline n making them know the importance of time n money.


      1. vinodinii says:



  5. It is important that children are taught the right things when they are young. As you rightly said, they don’t know the pros and cons of anything, so they do things that they see and like.


  6. hehe true uff yeh mummiyan! A good discipline is important and kids at this age don’t know what is right or wrong. They should be taught self-discipline and when to stop.

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  7. An interesting story. There are many lessons hidden within. It is hard to become friends with someone who has different values, so they will always remain acquaintances.

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