What a Disaster? #Satire


One of my acquaintance named his daughter, “Sachi” meaning Truth in English and he never spoke truth, he had the habit of boasting and carving stories out of lies.

I was there to attend the naming ceremony of his child. I couldn’t hold my laughter, many asked the reason but I did not find a reason to spoil the occasion, so kept mum.

The thoughts in my mind raced and amazing ideas erupted.

Was this to repent his shortcomings or was he serious to change his habits or by calling her name, he will overshadow the habit of lies.

A big smile spread on my lips.

Sharing a thought that comes to our mind on seeing the disasters around.

Enjoy a Big Smile With Me!!! 🙂

Hindi word : Sachi which means Truth.

Pic Credits: here


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  1. Beat About The Book says:

    I presume he was trying to make up for his weakness. Not a bad idea at all :-).

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  2. I think he was trying to right some wrongs that he had done. Interestingly enough just because you name your child a name that means truth doesn’t mean you instantly stop being a liar. If that’s the case I should’ve named my children, wealthy, beautiful, skinny, intelligent! 🙂

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  3. Ila Varma says:

    Exactly. I was amused that the person who seldom speaks truth names his child Truth. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. matheikal says:

    People worship those qualities as gods which they don’t have.

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