One Liner Wednesday- Paternity Leave

The New Pops burp their infants after each feed, change nappies without smirking and cuddle in the midst of night without second thought, hence paternity leave shouldn’t be denied….Musings of Ila Varma,2016.

Hue and Cry over #Paternity Leave in India…discussion roll over…some are in favor and some against…There was a time when Men did not take care of domestic issues like raising children rather they enjoyed with their friends while the womenfolk went through the pain of bearing kids and the ladies of the house co-operated to take care of new born. Now the time have changed and so the outlook of the Men and gender discrimination is gradually pacing out from society. Today’s youth take part in household activities and help their counterparts in raising children and household activities and take leaves to be available during childbirth and hence Paternity Leave is the need of the hour and it should not be denied….Leave For Papa is a Must….Pass The Bill & Bring Changes in Society.


Debate on YouTube: Discussions on Paternity Leave



My Take….Ila Varma 2016.



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  1. True Ila. It’s not the 1980’s now. Men are getting more involved with the family today. Actually paternity leave will give a relief to moms if not for anything else.

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  2. Hemu Saini says:

    I am in support of paternity leave not because of changing societal roles of men but also because of changing familial dimensions, nowadays, nuclear families are on rise, and a woman can’t handle child on her own. And initial days are pretty crucial to both of them, the mother and child, so in order to take care of both, someone need to be present there.

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    1. Ila Varma says:

      Yess…Thanks for stopping by


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