Crazy Me

  “Ohh…I am afraid of breaking rules.” He said, embracing me tight. “Ahh…I believe in breaking them.” I said, sealing his lips with mine. We giggled. Our giggles echoed in the eerie silence of midnight. Advertisements

Thank You Stranger

Suddenly a motor bike came screeching to a halt near my side splashing rain water on my new dress. I was already drenched while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, the winds were hard and the downpour was heavy. It was quarter to nine at night. I had been to my friend’s house…

Six Degrees – Book Review

  Title- Six Degrees –Game of Blogs Author – Various (Teamwork) Paperback: 422 pages Publisher: Publishing; First edition (27 October 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 9352013891 ISBN-13: 978-9352013890 Price – INR 349 My Rating – 4/5 I am a voracious reader and am in constant look to read more and more and been a blogger,…


  Life is a race We are always on chase Never put your boots down Till you are breathing around Live and let others live with ace. © Ila Varma 22-06-2016 Limerick

Prominent Man in Life

The sight of a Man leaves you with a sigh His dynamics makes you awe His proximity gives you strength to endure the odds No Man on earth matches him He is the only one male companion Where you feel safe & secure He is your pride Who is He? The first love of a lady…

One Liner Wednesday -#Nature

  Wish, I could enjoy the caresses of the soft breeze on a full moon day, lying close in the warm embrace of my beloved…a moment of ecstasy.   #1linerWeds.  

Limericks Week 24

Once upon a time, fell in love with a mime Got crazy and wasted a lot of dime In a short time, I realized the boy Was dumb and coy Moved further from committing a crime… 😛 © Ila Varma 13-06-2016 MINDANDLIFEMATTERS    


  Options are for those, where choices are available there is no existence of options who can’t make choices.

Book Review- Let Me Die

  I feel lucky to be chosen by the author Prince Simson for the book review of his novel, “Let Me Die” by the Publisher, Dream House Publications. The plot is quite realistic, a story of a neighborhood which takes place amidst our society and the twists and turns of the plot keeps you glued till…

One Liner Wednesday – Smiles

    Your smiles made my day but I was late in deciphering your motive behind those sweet curves…© Ila Varma 08-06-2016   #1linerWeds.


  In a bid to enhance her creativity She ambled on the wrong path Spoiling her originality. .© Ila Varma 06-06-2016  

Redefine Gen Next- Join Ariel

  Being in the mid- forties, I have been lucky to see my great grandparents, my grandparents (both paternal & maternal side), my parents and now I am with my sons and a daughter-in-law. When I aggregate my experiences of all these years, I feel I am quite rich in experiences, the ups and downs,…