Thoughts Uncovered – 2016

Wished to share tonnes but the blank expressions on their faces Stopped me from venting!….© Ila Varma 24-05-2016 Advertisements

Moon View

Views of Moon from my balcony..I could not resist the beauty and captured in my lens.  

Wednesday Prank

It takes days to learn good manners and etiquette’s, Just babble a bad abusive word, you will find that soon it is used…What an art..Lol  😛 #1linerWeds


  Never underestimate my power to judge I am capable enough but I choose to keep silent pursing smile on my lips so that you continue to challenge yourself to be a better self, tomorrow. 🙂 © Ila Varma 18-05-2016  

Limerick Challenge Week 20: Superstition

    The mirror standing in my room crashed Superstition loomed large, my mother cashed I had to go on a date My beautiful friend was on wait Had to convince my mom fast. © Ila Varma 17-05-2016


  Chaos is churning inside me Fuelling to say, “Yes” to the proposal Resisting to say, “No” and recover I need sometime to “Think” & “Judge” So that I don’t repent further. It’s a matter of Heart I am filled with “Chaos & Confusion” Let me “Rethink”, “Decide” & “Conclude” Overcoming the chaos dwelling within. ©…

#Mother- Beautiful Soul

Your concern dreaded me with fear How I will cope with your undue worries and rear The day, I was blessed with a bundle of joy Could realize your sacrifices and abound coy My heart was filled up with reverence Mother dear. © Ila Varma 07-05-2016 Limerick Challenge 19

#Freedom #1linerWeds

“The small spaces helped to grow abound and my garden was strewed with amazing flowers!”….© Ila Varma 06-05-2016 #1linerWeds

Joker #Be Happy

  Many times the thought that wanders on the life of joker makes me wonder just to earn a meager sum to feed the empty stomachs he makes fun of himself on the ramp of circus and he surrenders his sanity. And we are petrified on the slightest pretext of the jugglers who try to…

Random Thoughts

  At month’s end, while I sit on the bench. A coin from my pocket, peeps out to say… Hey, I feel lucky to be saved on the last day, Tomorrow you will have plenty at the start of the day, Save me for a day or Spend me in your own way. #RandomThoughts