Contrast -A to Z Challenge 2016


Striking difference between the two

Still they carried together to the loo.

One headed North

Another South

Still they merged their views.

One was docile

Another promising


Their pact was out of the blue.

The two

Were contrast

To each other

One quirky

Another calm


The pair was awesome.

© Ila Varma 04-04-2016

There is stark difference between couples, still they tread together on the journey of life. The two individuals coming from different background and family customs with different liking’s decide to lead life together and marry. In spite of  major differences, they glue with each other. The contrasts tries to blend with each other and in the long run they are successful in blending with each other.

This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

Thoughts Uncovered PO, Code 1313

Thoughts Uncovered!!!

Keep Smiling!!!




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