Impressions– #A to Z Challenge 2016

  Impressions of you Imprinted on my heart It’s etched so deep that Time cannot erase © Ila Varma 11-04-2016 This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under. Ila Varma Thoughts Uncovered PO, Code 1124 Thoughts Uncovered!!! Keep Smiling!!!       Advertisements

Limerick #Dark

  The dark clouds are ready to burst To quench the parched earth’s thirst I love the pitter patter of incessant raindrops To inhale the musky aroma of earth that crops Each spurts will write a verse. © Ila Varma 12-04-2016 Limerick Challenge Week 15

Haste– #A to Z Challenge 2016

Don’t walk in haste You will lose the life’s taste Amble slowly tasting the fruits of the seeds sown. It’s time to reap the favors the power you invested in. In haste all things go in waste. © Ila Varma 09-04-2016 It’s good to be on time but I hate people who are in a…

Sweet Dream- #WOW

  My friends asked me to come to Nilgiri Hills, Bangalore for a weekend party at 7pm. As planned, I started for the same and reached the planned place on time but there I found none of my friends. I waited for some time thinking that out of curiosity, I have landed before time and…

Global Warming- – #A to Z Challenge 2016

    Oh Man, Stop razing me I am storming in fire Losing my radiance each day My cries hear none My womb is on fire I fear I might lose my promising children.   Water, water water Everywhere Not a drop to drink Waters might engulf me In their tentacles Drowning me deep forever….

Fantasy- #A to Z Challenge 2016

  Is it ethical to fantasize or not? You can’t put an end to fantasy, people are free to drive their imaginations and enjoy the ride without following the traffic rules and till your fantasy does not disturbs anyone, it’s the best way to quench your thirst of imagination and urge.   As I extinguish…

Wednesday’s One Liner

      Loyalty is in abundance in four-legged friends, two- legged friends have almost lost it. 😛   © Ila Varma 06-04-2016     One Liner Wednesday #1linerWeds  

Embrace- #A to Z Challenge 2016

  She entwined in an embrace Forgetting The demon of the past Devouring her mind. He drew her close in tight embrace Embracing Her past and present Vouching To handle her tomorrow. Locked her lips in his Affirming her acceptance In his life from today. © Ila Varma 06-04-2016 This post is for A to Z…

Limerick Challenge – Mysterious

  Smiles languishing on her lips She is swaying her hips Her eyes mysterious and protruding Beamed she was computing She winked, pouted and strips. © Ila Varma 05-04-2016 Limerick Challenge Week 14  

Disaster-#A to Z Challenge 2016

Houses, buildings Shook & tumbled down like playing cards razing to the ground Many lives stopped to live, thereafter. A threat, A disaster When Mother Earth shook her belly, it was her gesture to show her mood swings. Prayers held for the souls departed. The massive earthquake with its epicenter at Pokhra, Nepal, damaged lives…

Contrast -A to Z Challenge 2016

Striking difference between the two Still they carried together to the loo. One headed North Another South Still they merged their views. One was docile Another promising Together Their pact was out of the blue. The two Were contrast To each other One quirky Another calm Still The pair was awesome. © Ila Varma 04-04-2016…

What You Want To Be?

  A common question asked by each individual in their childhood, what are their aspirations and inspirations? What You Want To Be? This question attacks the child when the child don’t even know the facts of life, still we ask. I believe, more-soever, it has become a quorum to ask, for the heck of asking…